About the customization of the Fighters Cores
■About Standard Power-Ups
Fighters Cores can be "powered-up" by mixing two identical Fighters Cores together.
Select the cores you want to enhance in order to validate their power-up.

There is a "success rate" in every power-up process that will determine if the process has succeeded or failed.
The rarer and the higher the cores level is, the higher the success rate gets.

■About Special Power-Ups
You can enhance your cores with a success rate of 100% by consuming Medals.
「No materials are required when using Special Power-Ups.
About the evolution of the Fighters Cores
Certain Fighters Cores can be strenghtened by making them evolve.
Fighters Cores are required for evolution processes.
Furthermore, Cores must be at their highest level to evolve.
About the skills of the Fighters Cores
Certain Fighters Cores have "Skills".
Skills are divided in "Active Skills" and "Passive Skills" and have a wide variety effects such as Status Up, access to Desperation Moves, Health Recovery, etc.

"Active Skills" can be activated at any time during battles.
However, "Cool Time" must have elapsed before becoming able to use them.

"Passive Skills" are automatically activated once equipped.

*Certain Skills are effective also on the Partner during Multiplayer sessions.
How to level up Skills
You can level up your Fighters Core's Skills by combining cores together.
You can level up even by mixing together Cores before AND after evolution.
About Energy
"Energy" is required for sorties in stages.
"Energy" will recover up to 8 after the required time has elapsed.
When the Energy level is above 9, a "+1" will be displayed as the stocks.
Stocks will be consumed in priority when using Energy before sorties.

Energy won't be consumed at all if you decide to retire from battle within 3 seconds after the "START" sortie message has been displayed.
About the Stage Missions
There are "Stage Missions" after each stage and for each different difficulty available.
You will be rewarded with Medals each time you clear a "Stage Mission".
The amount of Medals to get differs depending on the difficulty set.
About the BB Emblems
A "B" mark for Emblems will appear sometimes during your sorties.
Shoot them to obtain Fighters Cores.
How to reach S Rank
Clear stages in the shortest time possible in order to get a "S Rank".
The time required to get a "S Rank" differs depending on the stages.
About the Head Shots
Aim and shoot at Beasts's head to get a "Head Shot", and inflict them more damage.
Certain Beasts can be stunned by being shot in the head.
About the Critical Shots
Aim and shoot at Beasts's "Core" on their chest to get a "Critical Shot", and inflict them massive damage.
Moreover, Beasts hit with a Critical Shot will explode and inflict damage to the other Beasts around them.
About Multiplayer
Play together with another player in "Multiplayer" and advance together through stages.
Both players will share the same life and guard during "Multiplayer" sessions.
There's no consumable item to use during "Multiplayer" sessions.

Only the Host Player will have to use Medals to get access to Energy and Continues.
The Guest doesn't have to use any Energy item but it's not reflected to his Stage Clear results.
How to make a Private Room in Multiplayer
As rooms are locked during "Multiplayer" sessions, only players who insert directly room IDs can create "Private Rooms".
Tap the "Tweet" button after creating a room in order to tweet and inform your game partners.
About the game data when uninstalling the game
Please note that all game data will be lost when uninstalling the game and cannot be retrieved when reinstalling it.