The eSPORTS scene is really blowing up, and the long-standing
fighting game company SNK has a support program for such events.

The “SNK eSPORTS Support Program” aims to support SNK games tournament organizers via advertising support and prize giveaways. Feel free to apply to this program if you fulfill the following conditions!


The application criteria for the SNK eSPORTS Support Program are as follows:


Supported Titles: All Fighting Games created by SNK
Supported Platforms: Console, PC

Tournament format

Offline / Online game tournaments accessible to general users.

Minimum number of participants


Tournament advertising

Support through SNS channels and official websites to highlight tournament registration and results.


Tournament organizers must respect all applicable laws, and manage their events in an appropriate way.


The application qualifications for the SNK eSPORTS Support Program are as follows:

Application qualifications

There is no restriction by nationality, and both individuals and organizations can participate in this program. Minors require the consent of their parent or other legal guardian. Applications from minors are considered as approved by their guardian.

The application procedure for the SNK eSPORTS Support Program is as follows:

How to apply

Please fill out the entry form below and submit your application.

Necessary information

name, address, telephone number, age, e-mail address, game tournament overview (tournament dates and time, location, number of participants expected, etc.)

Applicable languages

Japanese, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Korean, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional). We won’t reply to applications submitted in a language not listed above.

Response period

We will let you know if we can support your event or not within 7 business days.


The support benefits for the SNK eSPORTS Support Program are as follows:

Support details

SNK will decide the extent of its support depending on the scale and details of each tournament / event.

・Provision of money prizes to game tournaments.

*Only for Offline game tournaments

・Provision of prizes (SNK’s original goods, etc.) to game tournaments.

*Only for Offline game tournaments

・Advertising of sponsored tournaments via SNK’s social media.

・Provision of SNK’s company logo, and game assets.

*Game assets provided by SNK will only be used for the purpose of the sponsored tournaments. Moreover, it should be noted that our company logo as well as our other intellectual property rights such as assets belong to SNK, and cannot be therefore processed or modified without explicit consent from the company.

●Personal information

Personal information obtained through this “SNK eSPORTS Support Program” will only be used for the purpose to contact tournament organizers, provide them with assets, prizes, and other items listed above. Personal information is not provided to third parties without the prior consent of the person in question.


・Please note that SNK cannot be held responsible for any trouble, loss or damage occurring at sponsored game tournaments.

・We won’t reply to any request for information related to the game.