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The ultimate in 2D sprite-based graphics!

KOF XIII’s gorgeous visuals helped cement its position as
the pinnacle of 2D fighting. With its highly detailed sprite-based graphics,
the game brings memorable characters and atmospheric stages to life
at a level never seen before in the series!
fast-paced online matches with fighters across the globe.

Play as all 36 characters in the roster!

From beloved KOF staples, key storyline characters,
and even fighters originally released as DLC
(such as NESTS Style Kyo, Classic Iori, and Mr. Karate),
a total of 36 characters are available to play.

High-velocity matches and mechanics!

Fighting is taken to a whole other level with mechanics that focus on speed and strategy
(Hyper Drive Gauge, EX Special Moves, and NEO MAX Super Special Moves).
Technical controls allow for more exhilarating combos.

Overhauled online features!

KOF XIII GM features a new rollback netcode environment
that allows users to comfortably play online against others from around the world.
It also comes complete with Online Lobbies (accommodating up to nine users)
and a Spectator Mode where you can sit back and watch the action unfold!