To all of you.


To those who work with us at SNK,
We want to cherish the principle of "serving and being served."

At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Japan's Prime Minister at that time, appeared in the closing ceremony in a video game cosplay, and 「theme songs of various games were used in the entrance march of the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony. Video games have emerged as a profound expression of the sentiments held by people worldwide for Japan, becoming an integral part of the globally celebrated "cultures of Japan". SNK has been creating and delivering entertainment, starting with video games, for over 40 years. And now, we are entering a new era of growth. I took office as the President and CEO in 2021 and was given the helm of the voyage towards a shining future for SNK. It is this exhilarating feeling, that I wish to share with comrades who will be joining forces with us.

To realize the revival of our historic IPs and the creation of new IPs in diverse game genres, we have established a new development base in Tokyo in 2021, in addition to our existing bases in Osaka and Beijing. This expansion is aimed at strengthening our comprehensive development capabilities. Moving forward, we plan to further expand each of these bases and establish development centers in Europe, America, and Asia, fostering a collaborative environment for mutual support and growth. SNK is actively seeking talented individuals who can join us on this journey, and we are actively recruiting both new graduates and experienced professionals.

I would like the people who work together at SNK to cherish "serving and being served". What does "serving" mean when working? It is not just improving your skills through study and practice and accomplishing your own work. It is about deepening communication with colleagues who work together, understanding and respecting each other, and improving the power of the entire team. It may sound like an ordinary thing, but various challenges constantly occur at work. Learning to "serve" in this context will surely be of great use in a lifelong career ahead. The learning of "serving" is nothing but learning to "be served". When you are in a position to lead a team, you are required to create an environment where each member can "serve". The leader's trust in the members and the attitude of entrusting their back create "being served".
I am looking forward to have individuals who are prepared to face challenges head-on and share SNK's relentless determination for delivering exhilarating experiences to fans worldwide join our team.


SNK Corportion President CEO


Born 1962
After completing the Master's program in Information Engineering at the University of Tokyo Graduate School, he embarked on a career at Hitachi, Ltd. Following his graduation from the MIT Sloan School of Management, he joined Oracle Japan before joining Koei (now Koei Tecmo Games) where he assumed the role of President and CEO in June 2007. In his distinguished career, he has also held leadership positions as the President and CEO of Zynga Japan and as the President and COO of Sega Games. Since August 2021, he has been serving as the CEO of SNK.
His motto, "THE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO INVENT IT.", is displayed in illuminated letters in the lobby of SNK's Tokyo office, welcoming visitors from around the world.
His hobbies include golfing and taking walks around the vicinity of Meguro River near his place of residence.

Looking forward to have individuals,
who are prepared to face challenges
head-on and share our relentless
determination for delivering
exhilarating experiences to fans
join our team at SNK.


From the Human Resources Department:

Our corporate philosophy "Evolution, Creation, and Inspiration.", signifies our commitment to continuously evolve our development capabilities and contribute to society through the creation of new entertainment experiences. At SNK, we are looking for individuals who are quick to grasp the trends of the times, possess a proactive mindset to incorporate new technologies and trends. Don't you think it would be a waste to have a strong passion for games but only shape games that others have planned? We, as a game maker, handle everything from planning to development and distribution in-house, and we strive to deliver games that captivate players worldwide. "Globally Acclaimed Rich Content" is one of our valuable assets.

Yet another invaluable asset to our company: 'Human Talent' that creates new content.
In fact, our game development teams consist of a small but elite group of professionals, typically comprising a few dozen members per project. Each member actively contributes to game development with professionalism, pride, and a strong sense of responsibility. This philosophy extends beyond the development department.
At our company, we foster an environment where opinions are freely exchanged, transcending job titles, seniority, educational background, age, nationality, and gender. We value and encourage the individual capabilities of our employees. Everyone works together earnestly, facing the concept of 'play' with utmost dedication. At times, intense clashing of ideas arise as we pour our pride into developing games that are more exciting and enjoyable for people around the world. However, these passionate discussions stem from our shared desire to deliver games that truly captivate and entertain.
We invite you to bring your unique experiences, unleashing your full potential in an environment that encourages growth. The world is your stage. Join us as we explore the myriad forms of play and together provide unparalleled experiences.