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We'll create a culture
that excites the world.

Games that captivate and inspire the world.
Entertainment for everybody, everywhere.

Ours is an undeniably global market.
We’ll help deliver a rich and diverse player community that transcends national borders.

The entertainment business changes at a whirlwind pace, in line with the constant technological innovation of the modern day. At SNK we respond quickly and flexibly to these changes, which means proactive evolution on our part is paramount too. We’ll continue to make evolutionary strides and devote ourselves to the gaming space in pursuit of our mission: to always deliver the latest, greatest entertainment—and joy—to people around the world.


Video Game Development

SNK and its group companies develop, release, and operate games for multiple markets (home console, PC, and smartphones). Our very framework lets us pour all our efforts into entertainment content creation, and to push the gaming envelope on a daily basis—whether it be by preserving iconic SNK IPs (like Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters, and Metal Slug), or producing brand-new titles to further their evolution, or even engaging in bold new projects that embody innovation. In so doing SNK will continue to wow the world and move the masses in unique ways—across a wide variety of genres.

Wowing the world
with new IPs
while preserving
ones from our past.


Licensing Business

SNK has more than 200 creations to its name, all enriched with deep storylines and character lore. We license these IPs out to our various collaborative partners.
The SNK Universe Project is also officially underway. This initiative aims to increase global awareness (as well as player consumption and enjoyment) of SNK’s numerous IPs—including series such as The King of Fighters (KOF), Fatal Fury, and Samurai Shodown—by diversifying them across various forms of entertainment beyond the realm of video games.
From manga to anime, film, music, and more—SNK IPs will permeate a vast array of exciting mediums from here on out.

From retro games
to exciting IPs
for the modern era.


e-SPORTS Initiatives

The world of esports has gained massive momentum in recent years, particularly when it comes to fighting games—a perfect match, since they’re both inherently thrilling and undeniably competitive. SNK has many fighting game properties of its own (The King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown, to name a few), with much effort dedicated to boosting competitive levels and entertainment value alike (such as with our own official global tournament, the SNK World Championship). We also help grow the scene as a whole via our Esports Support Program, providing extensive assistance to community-run tournaments and other related entities. SNK’s continuous contribution to the development of professional gaming in this way—together with the esports phenomenon—will help us acquire new fans and boost our brand well into the future.

Bringing new possibilities
with fighting games

e-Sports Support Program

Our esports support program helps us back gaming tournaments run by the community, as well as other events organized by corporations and associations.

SNK World Championship

An esports tournament that seeks to crown the world’s best players of SNK fighting games. Qualifier tournaments are held worldwide; the top 32 finishers advance to the finals the following year.