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Zhihui GE, the Chairman of SNK Corporation,
participated in the MiSK Global Forum held in Saudi Arabia.
A corporate agreement with Saudi Arabian company Manga Productions was signed.


SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President: Koichi Toyama) is proud to announce that Zhihui GE, the Chairman of SNK Corporation participated in the panel session during MiSK Global Forum which was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Attend to the panel session in MiSK Global Forum.

MiSK Global Forum is the international forum organized by MiSK Foundation, which is a non-profit philanthropic foundation established by H.R.H. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and the event was held in November 15th and 16th, 2017 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



The theme of this year’s MiSK Global Forum was “Meeting the Challenge of Change”. GE who is the chairman of SNK Corporation was invited by MiSK Foundation and attended a panel session themed about Work and Play: Digital Content Is Everywhere.


During the panel session, GE mentioned about the Chinese content industry.

“Content and the industry creating it exist to satisfy the spiritual needs of the people. In the future, I believe China will become a huge market for that sort of content industry.”

He explained his reasoning as thus: “As the Chinese economy itself grows, the spiritual needs of the Chinese are also expanding. In China, industries based around the internet in particular have been growing rapidly, especially interactive internet which is one of the most effective types of media for the goal of spreading a variety of content such as movies, dramas, music and video games”

 “China has a huge advantage thanks to the country’s long history and unique culture. These factors work to enrich the Chinese content industry even more.” 


He also shared his experience in the video game industry to the audiences, “The most important factors in the game industry are the product itself, quality, and content. A good product will create a good reputation which will then produce revenue. That will then provide more resources for the company to grow.”

“Entrepreneurs around the world will inevitably sometimes face a number of difficult situations or failures. However, it is important to hold yourself to an ethos of not giving up. It is absolutely paramount that we continue to believe in ourselves and continue our good work.”

He concluded that “The world is dramatically and rapidly changing on a day to day basis. This is why we need to continue to study hard and improve ourselves.”



Sign a corporation agreement with Manga Productions.



After the forum, GE signed a corporate agreement with the Saudi Arabian company, Manga Productions. The Secretary-General of the MiSK Foundation, H.E. Mr. Bader Al-Asaker and Manga Productions CEO Dr. Essam Bukhary attended the signing ceremony. As a result of this collaboration, a Saudi Arabian character and stage will appear in the SNK fighting game, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV, as a part of the digital content releases going forward.




GE presented Mr. Bader Al-Asaker with a special gold version of the NEOGEO mini, which is a product designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand.




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