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The NEOGEO mini will release this summer!
The official website launches today!

SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President:Koichi Toyama) is proud to announce that the NEOGEO mini will release this summer.




The NEOGEO mini is a video game console, which will include 40 nostalgic titles from the NEOGEO system, which made its debut in 1990. This console will feature a 3.5 inch display, meaning the games can be enjoyed with no need to connect to a TV or monitor!

We hope you look forward to enjoying the NEOGEO mini along with its legendary and popular NEOGEO titles. 

Product Descriptions

40 legendary NEOGEO titles will be included!

The NEOGEO mini will include 40 legendary and popular titles from various NEOGEO Series such as THE KING OF FIGHTERS, FATAL FURY and METAL SLUG!




Based on the design of the original arcade cabinet, featuring a 3.5 inches display!

The design of the NEOGEO mini is based on the original nostalgic arcade cabinet, and will feature a joystick style controller, stereo speakers, and a 3.5 inch display, meaning the games can be enjoyed with no need to connect to a TV or monitor!




Fits perfectly in the palm of the hand!

The size of the NEOGEO mini fits perfectly in the palm of the hand (W108mm×D135mm×H162mm), and its weight will be only about 390g! The power supply is compatible with USB cables which means you can connect to portable power banks and enjoy your games on-the-go!




Save the progress of your games anytime!

You can save or load the progress of your games anytime by pressing the START and SELECT buttons at the same time during the game via the Settings screen.




Multiple ports for connectivity!

An HDMI port will be featured on the NEOGEO mini, so that you can play games via connecting to TV or monitor screens. The console also includes two ports for external controllers and a headphone jack! You can play in co-op or battle with your friends!




NEOGEO mini INTERNATIONAL Ver. will also be available! 

With its blue, white, and red multicolor design, the NEOGEO mini faithfully reproduces the original NEOGEO arcade cabinet that was introduced in Japan in 1990. In addition to this, the NEOGEO mini INTERNATIONAL Ver., with a brand new black, white and blue design will also be available! 14 of the 40 titles in the INTERNATIONAL Ver. will be different from the original NEOGEO mini.



■The NEOGEO mini official website launches today!

Find out the latest news about the NEOGEO mini such as the title list and accessories! 



■NEOGEO mini Online Presentation movie is now available.

Watch the video including the creators’ interviews to know more about the NEOGE mini!



Product Breakdown:

Product name


Number of titles

40 titles

Display size

3.5 inches

Size and weight

W108mm x D135mm x H162mm /390g


Power supply cable (USB Type C) *AC adaptor will not be included

Connection terminals

HDMI port (Input for TV monitor), a headphone jack,

2 external controller ports



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*All in-game screenshots displayed are work-in-progress. Gameplay screenshots are collage.

*Please note that design, and specifications might be changed with no prior announcement.


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