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SNK opens up new support program to send players overseas!!
The top 3 KOFXIV players from EVO Japan 2019 will be the first recruits!


SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO: Koichi Toyama) is proud to announce the launch of a new e-Sports Support Program that will support players’ participation in overseas e-sports tournaments


SNK first kicked off our SNK e-Sports Support Program in November, 2016 and have continued to support e-Sports tournaments held by communities around the globe. Since the start of this program, SNK has supported more than 400 tournaments in over 46 countries with SNK merchandise or pot bonus prizes. Over the years, e-Sports tournaments have become larger and more global, and as a result more players are competing on the global stage. One unfortunate aspect of this is that the travel cost required to participate in overseas tournaments can keep even the most highly skilled players from attending tournaments in other countries. 


We at SNK understand this can be a tough situation for players and fans alike, and have decided to launch a new support program with the purpose of helping cover the travel expenses (flight tickets only) for truly excellent players to participate in overseas e-Sports tournaments. At the same time, we will of course continue our current support for tournament organizers around the world. 


New Program Overview:

◆ Program Name

SNK e-Sports Support Program for Top Players


◆How will SNK support players?

SNK will cover the flight ticket cost for players who participate and achieve excellent results at specific e-sports tournaments selected by SNK.


◆Who will be supported?

SNK will support players who achive excellent results during tournaments selected by SNK. 


◆Which tournaments will be selected? And how many players will be selected?

We are planning to select multiple tournaments worldwide. As the 1st qualifying trial, three players who achieve the top spots during the tournament for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV at EVO Japan 2019 will be selected.

▶︎ EVO Japan 2019 official website:


◆How long with the support last? How much support can we expect?

The support period is planned to last for 1 year. The monetary amount supported will have an upper limit.
Players will be able to apply for support for multiple events as long as the overall upper limit is not reached.



– There is no restriction by nationality for players in this program.

– SNK will also cover the flight ticket cost for one other player traveling with the selected player who is also participating in the same tournament, although the overall support amount limitations will still apply.

– There are no restrictions in this program for players who are supported or sponsored by other companies or organizations.



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