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Ready your weapons as SAMURAI SHODOWN
is cutting into Google’s new gaming platform, Stadia.


SNK Corporation is proud to announce that SAMURAI SHODOWN has been selected for Google’s new gaming platform, Stadia, as a launch title slated for November this year. More information will be revealed at a later date, so be sure to keep an eye out!

A word from SAMURAI SHODOWN Development Producer Yasuyuki Oda

“Having SAMURAI SHODOWN selected as a launch title for Stadia has really put me over the moon. Now players can Embrace Death on the move thanks to Stadia’s cloud-based technology. This is really an exciting time for gaming, and please look forward to enjoying SAMURAI SHODOWN on Stadia.”




SAMURAI SHODOWN is the latest in a series of fighting games that introduced the world to weapon-based fighting way back in 1993. This new title hits the ground running by taking fan-favorite characters and the alluring setting to all new heights with stunning visuals and nail-biting, action-packed swordplay. Additionally, utilizing deep learning technology, SAMURAI SHODOWN features an AI system that tracks and learns from the player, creating a virtual Ghost capable of mimicking a player’s playstyle. If a player wishes to understand their weaknesses, they can choose to fight their Ghost or to challenge their friends online to see who can beat it. Players are also free to download the Ghosts of other professional players and challenge themselves all through the press of a button.

SAMURAI SHODOWN goes on sale June 25th, 2019 for the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles. Nintendo Switch and Stadia versions are slated for a later release.






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※ Design and specifications are subject to change.

※ Screenshots are of the game still in development.

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