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”1993-2019, SamSho Legends”, the world-wide event campaign celebrating the release of SAMURAI SHODOWN begins!
Tweet or post how Samurai Shodown has impacted your life!

SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO: Koichi Toyama) is proud to announce “1993-2019, SamSho Legends”, a world-wide event campaign celebrating the release of SAMURAI SHODOWN for the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles.




A world-wide event based around the theme “Samurai Shodown and Me”!

It’s been 26 years since Samurai Shodown first hit the shelves in 1993. And finally, on June 25th of 2019, the world was reintroduced to the series that started weapon-based fighting games. In order to celebrate this occasion, SNK is hosting an event asking fans to tweet out images and videos surrounding the theme “Samurai Shodown and Me”. We can’t wait to see the legends of SamSho in your lives!


Campaign Breakdown


1993-2019, SamSho Legends



“Samurai Shodown and Me”

Whether it’s memories of you and your friends spending hours playing SamSho, a trilling match at a tourney, expressing you love for or even putting the time into cosplaying as your favorite character—we want to see how SamSho has affected your life.



Illustrations, pictures (game footage), video footage

※Please leave your comment with the above


■How to enter:


1. Follow SNK’s official Twitter account (@SNKPofficial) 

2. Leave a post and comment via the hashtag, #SamShoLegends. 



1. Like KOF World’s Facebook page (

2. Leave your work and comment via the hashtag, #SamShoLegends as well as your illustrations, pictures or video footage along with your post.


■Entry Period:

July 11th, 2019 – July 31st, 2019


■Entry Restrictions:

There is no restriction on gender, nationality, and age.



<Best Award>

A SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL Steam Version product code for the 200 winners! 


※The winners of this campaign will be nominated upon SNK’s internal review process.

※Store Page:


■Results Announcement:

In mid July, 2019, when all the winners are decided, we will send each winner a message via our official SNS accounts.


■Secondary Use:

We will use all works for campaign introduction movies or on the SNK official website.

Participants shall be deemed that SNK may use all works with no participant’s permission.



* Entries can be applied any time. * Entries are limited to original works, which only the participant owns all necessary rights (including copyrights), excluding publicity rights. * The organizer reserves the right to disallow entries that other intellectual property, whether in its judgment are harmful to public order, violate standards of decency or are contrary to the goals of the campaign. *Even if after confirming the judges’ decision, the organizer reserves the right to disallow entries being regarded as inappropriate works with the organizer’s decision. * The organizer may ask participants to provide the data of their works. * The organizer may change / modify winners’ works in order to use them on SNK’s website,introduction movies or other uses. * The organizer may contact participants by email in order to proceed to the award process. If winners do not reply to the organizer’s message during the period, winners may not receive the awards and prizes. * The organizer breaches participant’s personal information obtained from this campaign after the termination of the campaign. * The entry guideline and period may be changed with no prior notification.



*All company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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