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Test your skills at the arcade!
SAMURAI SHODOWN arcade battle across the globe begins at EVO 2019!
RIMURURU scheduled to be playable!


SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO: Koichi Toyama) is proud to announce a special event! From August 2nd 2019 to August 3rd, EVO 2019 attendees have a chance to play SAMURAI SHODOWN’s arcade cabinet (Taito Corporation’s NESiCAxLive2) for free, in Las Vegas! The cabinet is scheduled to be released this year, so this is a great opportunity to try it out!




Compete with other arcade players simultaneously in EVO 2019 and three other locations in Japan!

Players attending EVO 2019 can try the arcade version of SAMURAI SHODOWN! This special opportunity is also available at three other locations in Japan; the national entertainment festival “Zentame” hosted in Gifu, as well as arcade spots in Sapporo and Fukuoka!


EVO attendees also have the opportunity to compete directly with players in Japan through the online arcade mode. This is a great chance for thousands of players in Japan and America to cut their teeth on the best of the best the world has to offer! Don’t miss out!



*For online arcade mode against Japan, time restraints will be in effect due to a difference in time zones. Players in each venue can play against each other locally. 

*The online arcade mode may be disabled in the event of poor signal strength.

*Please note that the online arcade mode is also a test situation, and so users may experience intermittent issues while playing.


 Play as RIMURURU before her DLC releases!

This is your chance to stay ahead of the game and play the brand-new character RIMURURU before her DLC goes live in August for both PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles!





*All other company names and products are registered trademarks.

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