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The official KOF XV online tournament, the KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series, has been announced! Weekly tournaments will be held in three regions around the world, with a total of nine rounds to determine the regional champions!
The first round of the series will start on Thursday, May 26th. Entry starts today.


SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO:Kenji Matsubara) is proud to announce the official KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series is slated to begin on May 26th, 2022.



The KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series is an official online tournament for KOF XV, jointly organized by SNK and ten/o LLC. The online tournament will be held every Thursday in three regions: Asia, North America, and Europe. Regional champions will be determined through a series of nine rounds in each region. The competition is based on a point system, with points awarded according to the standings in each round from Round 1 (#1) to Round 8 (#8). The top eight overall point scorers will advance to the Final of Round 9 (#9). We look forward to your participation!



<Official Tournament Website>



<About the ICFC>

ICFC is an abbreviation for INTERCONTINENTAL FIGHT CLUB and is a fighting game tournament tournament that has been held by ten/o LLC since 2020. Currently, ICFC hosts weekly online tournaments of popular fighting games for North America, Europe, and Asia, and has gained the support of fighting game fans around the world.




<Tournament Outline>

 ■Tournament Name

KOF XV ICFC Weekly Series












Asia (Japan/Korea/Hong Kong/Taiwan, etc.)

North America (U.S.A./Canada/Mexico, etc.)

Europe (UK/France/Germany/Italy/Spain, etc.)


■Schedule (Every Thursday in each region)

5/26 (#1)、6/2 (#2)、6/9 (#3)、6/16 (#4)、6/23 (#5)、6/30 (#6)、7/7 (#7)、7/14 (#8)、7/21 (#9 Final)


■Times (Each region starts at 19:00 local time)

Asia regions: 7:00 p.m. start (JST)

North America: 7pm start (EDT)

Europe: 19:00 start (CEST)



#1-#8: $500.00 + crowdfunding *Up to $800.00 per tournament

#9 Final: $3,000.00 + crowdfunding *Up to $5,000.00

▶︎Matcherino crowdfunding site



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