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Weapon-based fighting game SAMURAI SHODOWN
now available on Netflix for both iOS and Android!


SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Osaka City, Osaka, Japan; Company President & CEO: Kenji Matsubara) has released its popular weapon-based fighting game SAMURAI SHODOWN on iOS/Android and it’s available right now on Netflix. This mobile version joins SAMURAI SHODOWN’s current exciting outings on console and PC platforms.



Trailer: SAMURAI SHODOWN Mobile App for Netflix


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Netflix (redirects to App Store/Google Play)


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27 playable characters! Fight online with simple touch controls!

SAMURAI SHODOWN now a Netflix mobile app for iOS/Android!


 With SAMURAI SHODOWN on Netflix, SNK’s acclaimed weapon-based fighter—currently available on console and PC—comes to mobile (iOS/Android)! Joining the fray as well are 11 DLC characters from the console/PC version, for a total playable roster of 27 fighters. SAMURAI SHODOWN for Netflix features simple controls (perfect for mobile play on the go) and an online battle mode to boot. It is available exclusively for Netflix members.



Comment from Yasuyuki Oda (Chief Producer)

The console version of SAMURAI SHODOWN released in 2019, garnering immense support and acclaim from fighting game fans the world over. This helped it branch out into other platforms (including both PC and cloud-based versions). We’re positively delighted to now see SAMURAI SHODOWN make its way to iOS/Android as a Netflix mobile app. We hope you all enjoy the game’s intense, heart-stopping weapon-based combat on mobile devices as well!



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