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SNK launches the “SNK Universe Project”
to spread the appeal of its IPs worldwide!
Exhibiting at New York Comic Con with Shueisha XR.


SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Osaka City, Osaka, Japan; Company President & CEO: Kenji Matsubara) is proud to announce the launch of the “SNK Universe Project,” an initiative for developing various forms of entertainment, in order to spread the appeal of SNK’s IPs worldwide.




This project aims to increase global awareness (as well as player consumption and enjoyment) of SNK’s numerous IPs—including series such as The King of Fighters (KOF), Fatal Fury, and Samurai Shodown—by diversifying them across various forms of entertainment. SNK will branch out from the fighting game genre for which it is so well known, and even traverse entertainment mediums entirely by entering the worlds of manga, anime, film, and music (among others).




Joint exhibition with Shueisha XR at New York Comic Con 2023!

Special SNK Universe Project movie will be shown

in MANGA DIVE format!


SNK will have a joint booth with Shueisha XR at New York Comic Con 2023, which runs from October 12-15, 2023 in New York City. A special movie detailing the SNK Universe Project will be shown there in the form of a MANGA DIVE experience.


The movie will include manga created especially for MANGA DIVE, in addition to game footage from the KOF series. It will deliver a full-fledged immersive experience that explores the unique world (and history) of KOF.




■ About “Shueisha XR”

The Shueisha XR (Transcendent Reality) project is a combined effort between Shueisha Inc. and T&S Ltd. Shueisha Inc. owns a rich library of content and media; T&S Ltd. develops and produces various initiatives using the latest technologies, such as VR/AR and projection mapping. We will continue to create new services in pursuit of novel experiences, the extraordinary unknown, and the media of tomorrow—with a wide range of partnerships to help along the way.

Official Website:



MANGA DIVE is an immersive museum that delivers a new type of manga experience to its visitors.Images are projected in a total of five directions (full 360° surroundings, plus the floor), resulting in a vast manga world where characters, locations, and more spread all throughout the art space.

Official Website:


■ About New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is a global pop culture festival, and the only convention of its kind held in New York—the global epicenter of comics, publishing, media, and licensing. It includes celebrity panels with film and television stars, as well as booths operated by global creators in the comic book, anime, cosplay, and gaming spaces. The 2022 fiscal year saw a cumulative total attendance of 200,000 people from around the world.


The 2023 event will be held at the Javits Center in New York, USA over a period of four days (Thursday, October 12 through Sunday, October 15).

Official Website:



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