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FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves,
SNK’s newest fighting game, releases in early 2025!
New trailer now online!


SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Osaka City, Osaka, Japan; Company President: Kenji Matsubara) is proud to announce that FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves will be released in early 2025.


After 26 years, FATAL FURY is back!

New REV system supercharges the excitement!


SNK’s beloved Fatal Fury series first hit the market in 1991, spearheading the fighting game boom of the 1990s that swept the industry thereafter. GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES (released in 1999) has, for some time, served as the franchise’s most recent installment. But that is all about to change: 26 years on, a brand-new entry—FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves—is set to arrive on the scene!

FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves features a unique art style that stimulates the senses, an innovative REV system that supercharges the excitement, plus a host of other battle systems even more robust than before. The game also breathes new life into the series by introducing two distinct control schemes (ensuring fun and excitement for newcomers and veterans alike) as well as other fresh features and elements.

The streets of South Town are a hotbed of action, wild dreams, and even wilder ambition. Here, at long last, a new legend is about to unfold…


▶︎ FATAL FURY: CotW Announcement Trailer

All-new REV System supercharges the excitement!

Introducing the REV System, a brand-new toolset that offers unique offensive options from the moment the battle begins! Use REV Arts, REV Accel, REV Blows (while S.P.G. is active), and more until you hit your limit and the REV Meter overheats. The all-new REV System—fight at full throttle and supercharge the excitement!



Classic battle systems, evolved!

Back in full force, and then some! Combination Attacks, Just Defense, Braking, Dodge Attacks, Feints, S.P.G. (Selective Potential Gear)—classic battle systems from the Fatal Fury series return to the fold after more than 25 years, evolved for the modern day. Buckle up for red-hot action and competitive fights to the finish!



Two control schemesーfun for newcomers and veterans alike!

Choose from two control schemes: Arcade Style is based on precise, technical inputs, while Smart Style lets you perform flashy special moves and combos using directional inputs and single button presses. From fighting game newcomers to seasoned veterans, there’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had—tailored specifically to your level!



Fan favorites and fresh faces square off in the arena!

▶︎FATAL FURY: CotW Characters Trailer

English VAs:

Japanese VAs:





Voice Actors: Griffin Puatu (EN), Yuma Uchida (JA)

Born to Geese Howard, raised by Terry Bogard—Rock’s very being is one of mixed emotions and internal conflict. Despite having lived a new life with Terry, one day Rock finds himself facing off against a foe who claims to know about his past—namely his birth mother, and the fact that she is very much alive. Armed with this new information, the troubled youth resolves to find his own way through life—and fight on in order to make that happen.




Voice Actors: Michael Schneider (EN), Takashi Kondo (JA)

South Town’s very own Legendary Hungry Wolf. Following his epic encounter with archrival Geese Howard, he takes young Rock (Geese’s son) under his wing, and the two are inseparable—until the events of a fateful tournament compel them to go their separate ways. Terry fights it out on the streets for several years thereafter, but when word of an upcoming martial arts tournament—“KOF”—reaches him, he realizes that another date with destiny awaits…




Voice Actors: Suzie Yeung (EN), Manaka Iwami (JA)

A young girl searching far and wide for her older brother, who disappeared when her mother passed away. As luck would have it she would one day run into someone who looked very much like him, though he denied all knowledge of the matter. But that was then, this is now, and Hotaru still hasn’t given up: determined to fight the mysterious stranger again and convey her true feelings, she sets off into the unknown once more.




Voice Actors: Jalen K. Cassell (EN), Hikaru Hanada (JA)

An invincible symbol of justice who now makes his triumphant return to the ring. Despite hanging up his boots for a time, the joyous cries of the children in his corner spur him into action—and bring him back home. Pledging to lift the spirits of one young fan in particular, he laces up and sets his sights on the squared circle once again. For the mighty Tizoc, one thing’s for sure: this fight will be even more furious than the last.




Voice Actors: Mia Paige (EN), Chika Anzai (JA)

A scientist investigating the wonders and miracles of a fascinating principle known as ki (spirit energy). She also happens to be the star pupil of Joe Higashi, the acclaimed Muay Thai champ himself! While her martial arts talent can’t be denied, that’s not to say she’s only in it to win it either; indeed, Preecha fights for academic purposes, not accolades. She hates the pain, but sure is willing to endure it—as long as it furthers her research into unique and perplexing fight styles.


FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves includes a host of other fresh features and elements in addition to those mentioned above. Stay tuned for more updates.




First public demo play at the SNK booth during EVO Japan 2024!

EVO Japan 2024, the country’s largest fighting game tournament, is set to take place at the Ariake GYM-EX exhibition hall in Tokyo from April 27–29, 2024. Visit the SNK booth there to get your first hands-on demo play of FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves! A paid ticket is required to enter the venue. Check the EVO Japan 2024 official website for more details.

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■ Title

FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves

■ Genre

Versus Fighting Game

■ Release Date

Early 2025

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