In a silent dojo, the pride of the Tae Kwon Do world contemplated his 'training' of Chang and Choi. Both trained wholeheartedly, and he gave them a break as a reward. However, the two had not returned after a week, and he had begun to wonder if perhaps he had made a mistake by giving them a break. Perhaps he should close the dojo immediately and go looking for them. As he pondered, he heard two sets of footsteps approaching the dojo and dashed to the entrance.

"You're finally back! Since you can't keep your promises, it seems like neither one of you is truly reformed. So, starting tomorrow we'll begin harder train...huh!? M-Master!?"

What he thought was Chang and Choi actually turned out to be his master on the other side of the door. Gang-Il had left to travel the world and spread Tae Kwon Do, but now, alongside his master, he found an unknown woman with a seductive air about her.

"Hah! You think you can train me, Kim??" "So this little fellow is your protégé? He seems very masculine and energetic; taking such an aggressive tone with his master."

Even though the two had been apart for a long time, Kim still had bitter memories of his master. Given a choice, he would have preferred not to be reunited. Unable to hide his shock at his master's return, Kim froze with his mouth hanging open.

"He's so happy he's speechless! I'm the luckiest master there is. Oh, right, I still haven't introduced you. This is my lover Luong. We met while I was traveling." "Pleasure to meet you, Kim. I've heard so much about you. I do hope we get along, with us both being allies of justice and all!" "Oh, and speaking of friends of justice, I heard rumors that you're rehabilitating some villains. I'd love to meet those rascals, too. Where are they, Kim?" "W-Well... I gave them a week break, but they haven't come back yet..." "Oh my, it seems they've just run away. That's too bad, Kim. Do you need me to comfort you? Tehehe." "N-No, I'm fine. I will find and rehabilitate Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge no matter what!" "Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge... I've seen those names somewhere. Darling, weren't those the names on the leaflets they were handing out in town?" "Oh really? Let me check just to be sure."

The leaflet Gang-Il retrieved from his bag showed a headline reading 'Heinous Evildoer Xanadu Participating in KOF!?' Chang and Choi's names were listed as members of his team.

"They must have been led astray by this Xanadu guy. I will participate in the KOF tournament in order to lead them back onto the path of righteousness." "Wow, KOF! I've heard that it draws a lot of great fighters. How interesting... Shall we join in too, Luong?" Already surprised by his master's presence, Kim was speechless as he declared his intentions to participate. "Huh?" "Oh, what a great idea, darling! I'll work up a nice sweat for Kim's sake, too!" "N-No, really, I'm fine. You're both busy people, so I really shouldn't bother you with this. I'll find some other comrades with similar ideals and then join KOF." "No need to be so polite, Kim. For my adorable little student, we'll cancel all ours plans and stick with you throughout the tournament." "Oh, and darling, what about teaching Kim the vast mysteries of true 'training' while we're at it?" "Why, that's a great idea!! We'll get started on it tomorrow, then!"

Gang-Il and Luong's commitment to participating in KOF solidified, and they went about making calls to cancel their plans. Then worked on plans to stay at Kim's dojo...

"This has turned into a real mess... I've got to get Chang and Choi back as soon as possible."

If he were to accept his master, would his 'training' improve even more? Or was his master just making fun of him? The fruits of his long years of 'training' were about to be tested.




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