'I've got this bad feeling about something...' lead by these final words from Chin after the last tournament, Chin's students were training day and night, preparing to face a new evil. All were showing results, but Kensou in particular had progressed enough to be almost unrecognizable.

"Whew, I'm tired. Hey, Athena. I haven't seen the master around. Do you know where he went?" Momoko broached the question, her hair and the pink ribbon in it shook as she leaned her slight frame against Athena, seemingly exhausted from training. "The master left not too long go to pick up an invitation to the KOF tournament." "KOF, huh... It was in the news recently, but it's been quite a while, huh? Yeah, it’s been a long time since I worked together with Kensou and the other guys." "That's right, it was a tough one. Still, I'm going to participate this time and blow everybody away!" "Hey, that's not fair. I've gotten a lot better too! I want in for a change!"

When Chin returned after accepting the invitation, he heard his students growing excitement over the tournament. (Wow... They're really ready to go. I might as well hide for a bit longer and see how 'motivated' they are.)

"But Momoko and Bao have gotten a lot stronger, too. I was amazed at how Bao mastered that new technique. Either way, it's going to end up more wins than losses for me." "True, but that's because you've gotten really strong, Kensou. You even scored a point off the master!" "As expected of a brilliant Psycho Soldier!" "Hahaha, you know it! These days, I might even be able to beat the master with my eyes closed. After all, I am a brilliant Psycho Soldier!"

(My, such pride... Seems he still needs more training. I guess I need to work out a harder training plan.)

"Oh, Kensou, you're just overstating because the master isn't here! You'll get tripped up in KOF if you're like that." "I'll be fine. No one let's their guard down in KOF, so I'll be focused! And anyway, don't you think even warriors need breaks?" Athena was suddenly confused on hearing Kensou proclaim the necessity of breaks. "Huh?  Well, yeah, I do think breaks are necessary sometimes." "And on that note, I've got tickets to that new theme park. Would you like to go with me sometime?" "So that's what this is about. Honestly, I never been, so I was curious about it. I don't have any plans next week, so that would work." "Oh, I wanted to go too—" "Sure, Bao, but don't you have an errand that day? Hey, I've got some candy. Come over here and I'll give you some."

(Thank you, Momoko! This is my ultimate chance! I can't just leave it be; I've got to plan everything right now!)

–1 Week Later–

"Hey, weren't you going to hang out with Kensou today?" "Apparently Kensou has special training with the master. It seems he's still too green for the KOF, so they're doing one-on-one training." "Aww, that's too bad... Well, Bao and Momoko are both free now." "Oh, really?? It would be a waste not use the tickets that Kensou gave me, so let's all go together!" Bao and Momoko both threw their hands in the air and grinned with excitement at Athena's suggestion. "Yay! She agreed!!"

...Meanwhile, Kensou had been dragged against his will into more training with Chin.

"Come on, can't you try harder!?" "Why am I the only one training!? And I can't go home until I win a real bout against you, Master!? This is insane." "I thought a brilliant Psycho Soldier like you could beat me with his eyes closed." "M-Master, you were listening?" "You've gotten stronger lately, and immediately let it go to your head! You're getting individual lessons until KOF begins!" "Noooooo! My shot at a perfect date with Athena!!"

And thus, a week's worth of careful date planning all went to waste.




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