One early afternoon in South Town, the voice of a woman in a bewitching outfit echoed loudly through a branch of the Illusion bar, an establishment run by King.

"Hey, listen to this! So Andy went and teamed up with Terry and that guy in the short-shorts without telling me again. Leaving Terry aside, what's so good about short-shorts guy?" "Well, he's pretty good, isn't he? Not as good as me, of course." "If that's the case, I'm just going to have to win and show them! I'm a way better teammate than Joe!" "Though you do this every time, you do pretty well."

Although Mai had been angry in the past over her inability to team up with Andy, there was no one else around that day to calm her down today, so King took up the task alone.

"Of course I do! That's why I've decided to participate in KOF! Where's Yuri?" "Supposedly, she'll be on the Kyokugenryu team this time. I heard she's off in the mountains for special training now. Sounds tough." "Then who will be our final member? Oh, what about Mary and Hinako and the others!?" "Mary and Vanessa have to work. And you refused Hinako and Kasumi and the rest because you were supposed to be teaming up with Andy, remember?" "No way... We don't have much time until we need to register! I wonder if I could get them to join up right now." "I doubt it. Hinako and the others were just saying they had something to take care of, now. What about just watching this time?" "No! I absolutely have to beat him! I could find someone that wants to join anywhere. I'm going to go look for them!"

Mai downed a full glass and jumped to her feet. Just then, a woman seated at the table closest to the bar spoke up, as though she had been waiting for an opening.

"Hi! I'll join your team!" "They really are anywhere... Anyway, who are you?" "I'm Alice. My name's starting to get around South Town." "Alice... Oh, I've heard of you. There have been rumors lately of a girl who uses Terry's and they guys' moves in her own personal style." "That sounds kind of like Yuri. Well, whatever. Apparently, you can fight decently, so you're on the team if you can land a hit on me." "OK! I'm going to go all-out."

Alice seized the initiative when King gave the starting signal, and suddenly launched a massive attack. But Mai dodged as though dancing around it, and her expression showed just a hint of disappointment.

"You're green. There's no way a big technique like that will connect. *Sigh*... We're finished here."

Mai launched a Ryuuenbu while Alice was still off balance, but Alice dodged the halfhearted attack at the last moment.

(Whoa! I can't believe she dodged from that stance...)

"Hyaaa! Diving Tackle!"

Alice's technique connected beautifully, taking advantage of Mai's momentary confusion.

"Wow, regardless of how much Mai let her guard down, you're as good as the rumors said." "Oww... You have great instincts. I'm looking forward to working with you! We're going to beat Terry and the short-shorts guy together, and really prove who's strongest!" "Of course! We'll show Terry our true strength, no matter what! Just wait and see!" "Great, Alice! That's the spirit! Now, let's drink and celebrate the birth of our new team!" "Yaaay!!" "Wow, she's unusually energetic. Still, for all my talk, there are opponents I don't want to lose to, either. I understand how she feels." "King, drink with us! Celebrate the birth of our new team!"

And thus, with the addition of one newbie, a team of Women Fighters was born with a passion for defeating Terry, Joe, and Ryo (?).




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