Do you hear the screams of
the dead calling you?


Silent Assassin


 CV : Keisuke Komoto


Duo Lon is a handsome young man with long, flowing hair (worn in a queue-style braid) and a somewhat somber air about him. He seeks out his father, Ron, leader of—and eventual traitor to—the Hizoku clan of assassins. During his quest he meets Ash, Elisabeth, and other fighters.

Fighting style /
Piercing Pugilism of the Wailing Underworld, Preternatural Curse Combat
Birthdate /
March 11th
Birthplace /
Hebei, China
Blood type /
Favorite food /
Bird-of-paradise, roasted whole
  • 初心者おすすめ度
  • STAR
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Congrats on joining the tournament!

Thank you. I’ll fight like my life depended on it.

What first brought you to the world of KOF?

An acquaintance of mine was set to participate, so I followed suit. I see no need in saying who.

You’re here by special invitation this time around. How do you feel about that?

Alone or in a team, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m just here to do what needs to be done. 

Are there any things you hope to achieve by going solo here?

Suffice to say there’s someone I need to give a piece of my mind to.

What are your thoughts about KOF first-timers Isla, Dolores, and Ash?

Well, Ash is... Actually, never mind. All of them seem to have their own unique fighting styles, but I feel they’ve still got a long way to go.

Who, if any, would you most like to team up with during this tournament?

Hmm. I suppose it’d be too uninspired to pick a former teammate... In that case, I must say I am intrigued by Kyo Kusanagi. Nikaido talks about him a lot.

You’re referring to Benimaru Nikaido, yes? While we’re on that topic, any messages for him or your other old teammate Elisabeth Blanctorche?

Well, just that you won’t see me holding back if we ever meet in the arena.

How did you feel about Benimaru when you teamed with him?

To me he seemed like just another womanizer. I later realized he’s actually quite strong-willed and resolute. Kind of like Shen.

Speaking of Shen Woo, you’ve been both allies and rivals to each other in KOF so far. Which will it be this time?

Whichever makes sense. If there’s a reason to join forces—or, conversely, face off against each other—then that’s what will happen. I will say this, though: it certainly is easy to be around someone as affable as him.

Do you still see him every now and then?

We fell out of touch for quite a while, but that’s changed recently.

How’s your relationship with Lin?

He’s a close friend—like a brother to me. Once I accomplish my goals, no doubt we’ll have stories to share back at the village.

Did you find who you were looking for?

Not yet. But I certainly will.

Have you ever thought about teaming with your fellow clan members?

That could be interesting. No one would be able to stand in our way if so.

You say you enjoy hunting for unidentified organisms. Tell us more about that.

It’s surprisingly fun, you know, seeking out things that may or may not exist. If vampires are indeed real, for example, I’d certainly love to meet one.

How do you stretch your limbs like that?

Back at the village much time is devoted to the study of various skills and techniques. If you became one of us, I imagine you’d learn too.

Who would you like to talk to during this tournament?

Maxima. He has a knack for gathering information.

How do you take care of your hair?

Xiao Lon—my younger sister—used to comb it out for me when we were children. Now I just try to copy how she did it.

How long does it take to do it up like that?

I’m fairly good with my hands, but even then a good long while. It really makes me realize how much I truly depended on her.

Are you particular about fashion at all?

I do go for garments that blend well into the darkness. They’re embroidered by a respected craftsman from my village.

We received a ton of questions for you this time around. Is there anything you want to say to your fans, who’ve been waiting for you so long?

Shen and the others always tell me I’m something of a bore. I thought carefully about my answers today, so let’s see if that perception changes.





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