Did you see that, sir?!
Look at how strong I've become!


Straight as an Arrow


 CV : Takehito Koyasu


Shingo is a young man who became empassioned by Kyo Kusanagi's strength and all but forced him to become his martial arts master. For Kyo, however, he looks at Shingo as his passive assistant, and treats him as such. Recently, Shingo has been gaining Kyo's approval and seems to be making steady progress as a fighter, albeit little by little. His adoscelent approach to life gives him a personality liked by many.

Fighting style /
(So-called) Direct Teachings from Kyo Kusanagi, Kusanagi Style of Martial Arts
Birthdate /
April 8
Birthplace /
Blood type /
Favorite food /
Frozen udon noodles, sardines, chocolate
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Congrats on joining the tournament!

Thank you so much! All that training is paying off!

What did the people around you think when you received your invitation?

Well, my sister was dumbfounded, and she begged me to get autographs from other players... I wish she would support me a little more genuinely...

How are the injuries from past tournaments? They heal up alright?

Yep! I got a couple scars here and there but I’m in tip-top shape!

Tons of people are saying you look great in your jersey.

THANK YOU! I’m a big fan of it myself! Even designed the back part too, heh. I bought a bunch in different colors because they don’t even last a month under Mr. Saisyu’s training!

By the way, you able to produce flames yet?

Ah, I really feel like I’m SO CLOSE, but everyone says otherwise...

Since we’re on the topic of producing things, Shingo, you’re able to sometimes gain a CRITICAL HIT from your special attacks. Can you tell us why this happens?

Sure! One out of about a hundred hits, I’m able to channel my inner core for a powerful attack. My thinking is that I’ll be on Mr. Kyo’s level if I’m able to do it each time!

Is there anyone you’d like to team up with this tournament?

Why, Mr. Kyo of course! I want to show him just how strong I’ve become since, well, he’s the one who got me to where I am today!

Who do you want to take on the most this tournament?

Well, I’d also say Mr. Kyo! Training and fighting are two different things, and it’s rare that I get to fight him at all!

You seem to have a close relationship with each member of Team Sacred Treasures. Can you tell us about your ties to them?

Mr. Kyo and I are master and apprentice! Mr. Yagami is... a little scary, but if he were to confront Mr. Kyo, then he’d have to go through me first! Ms. Chizuru is very lady-like, you know? She is very different compared to my sisters…

It seems you were taught by Saisyu Kusanagi, Kyo's father. What kind of training were you put through?

They have me just practicing basic movements over and over again! I'm still told that my movements are too stiff...

Is there any difference in training between Kyo and Saisyu Kusanagi?

Mr. Saisyu gives me advice on how to improve my moves and techniques. On the other hand, Mr. Kyo shows me what those moves look when perfected!

What's a technique of Kyo Kusanagi's that you would like to master first?

I think my first priority is to be able to perform Aragami perfectly, so that one I think!

What do you admire most about Kyo Kusanagi?

Hmm... His strength! I mean, of course that, but I also think it's really cool that he's always so confident.

It seems that Kyo Kusanagi has a lot of fans. How does this feel with you being his number 1 student and all?

I'm glad they feel the same way as I do! I wish I could shake hands with all of them!

Is there anyone else besides Kyo Kusanagi that you admire?

Ummm... Mr. Nikaido is cool from a man's point of view, and Mr. Daimon's strength is also quite admirable... Ah, once I get going it’s hard to stop!

What made you want to get stronger, anyway?

Partly because I admired Mr. Kyo, but also because the more and more I trained, I wanted to acquire the strength to protect the people I love! ...That sounds really corny.

Do you have any anecdotes or secrets about Kusanagi?

Between you and me, Mr. Kyo calls Yuki quite often. It seems he can't help but want to hear her voice. Again, this is off the record! (Sorry Yabuki, this was too good to pass up!)

What do you think you would have done if you had not met Kyo Kusanagi?

Hmmm... This is tough! I’ve been up to my eyeballs with things to do since I met Mr. Kyo, so it’s hard to think what it would be like if things were different...

We hope that one day you’ll become a fighter who can match and even surpass Kyo Kusanagi.

An apprentice must eventually surpass his master! I still have a long, long way to go, but one day I will surely surpass Mr. Kyo!

K´and Maxima used to also team up. What do you think about them?

K´is so fit and cool, isn't he? I wonder if I’d look good in sunglasses too. Maxima is so smart he makes me jealous! But yeah, I think they’re both really nice people.

Which players do you get along with?

I've been on a lot of teams in the past, but I feel like I was placed there each time... Mr. Nikaido takes care of me a lot, and Mr. Daimon sometimes takes me to practice too!

Who are the scariest opponent you’ve fought yet?

The three people who quickly come to mind most are Yamazaki, Yagami, and Nanakase... They have this presence which is overwhelming.

What are your goals for the future?

I will keep striving to get on Mr. Kyo’s level! Also, I'm always looking for team members to work with.

Can you tell us what’s written in your notebook?

Mostly advice given to me in training! I also write some of the names I come up with for my special moves... Heh.

Do you have a daily routine that you do without fail?

Apart from my training, I run every day! It's refreshing to pack a bag full of water bottles and run mindlessly.

What’s something you’re hooked on right now?

There’s this yokai encyclopedia that I just can’t seem to put down lately!

What do you usually do when you are at home?

I sometimes write in my notebook about what I picked up during training, while other times I sit and meditate on what it’d be like to produce flames. I have this hunch that they won’t be red!

Is there a job you would like to do when you grow up?

Well eventually I’d like to be a successor to the Kusanagi Style of Martial Arts... But that’s just a silly dream of mine!

Tell us about the first time you participated in KOF.

At that time, I was quite happy because I felt that I got one step closer to Mr. Kyo.

We received so many questions this time. Do you have anything that you would like to share with your fans who have been waiting for you?

I'm so impressed that I have so many fans out there! Sorry I can't answer everyone’s questions. I, Shingo Yabuki, Mr. Kyo's number one disciple, will do my best, so please support me!





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