Warning: severe electromagnetism detected.
Watch out for electric shocks.


Shocking Beauty


 CV : mio


One of the last remnants of NESTS, the beautiful young girl Sylvie was considered useless by the secret society until the day she demonstrated the extent of her electromagnetic powers. The previous KOF saw her make some new friends besides her beloved eyeball accessories, which seems to have given her a little confidence boost.

Fighting style /
Electromagnetic force
Birthdate /
June 24th
Birthplace /
Blood type /
Favorite food /
Sweets, meat, Miyako konbu
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Congrats on joining the tournament!

Hehehe, thanks! You guys and gals are the best!

Your new outfit’s getting a lot of love, just like the previous one.

I know, right?! I guess great minds think alike. I can’t get enough of it either!

Who’s your designer?

C’est moi! Both outfits designed, supervised, and manufactured by yours truly. Mian checked them out as well, so a round of applause for her too ☆

What inspired the new look?

Last time it was all about Sunshine Sylvie, so here I went for a real Moonlight Maiden vibe!

A question about these eyeballs on your outfit: Are they all friends of yours?

Well, I mean...put every Eye-B together and all you end up with is one, actually. So just the one friend then, I guess? Sigh... Such is life...

Your hairstyle seems pretty hard to pull off. How do you normally do it?

When I head out? Max volume all the way for sure. And yeah, styling it is a whole challenge in itself...

How do you handle all that power of yours?

Oh, it’s easy. Little huff here, little puff there, and bam! Hello magnetic zippity zappity! With special guest Mr. Lightning from time to time, of course.

Did you make many friends in the previous tournament?

Let’s see... Mian, Kooky, the prez, and plenty of others whose contact deets I got. So yes! My Eye-Bs were very happy indeed!

Speaking of Mian, have you spent any time with her since your last battle?

Absolutely! I even visited her and her family the other day. It’s a pretty big one, so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind another member (me).

Do you still keep in touch with Kukri?

Oh, I blocked him into the next universe! I'll open up the gates again once he says sorry... But, uh, I’m still waiting for that to happen! No word yet!

We hear you’re a big Athena fan. Have you been around her much?

She’s the best. Got her autograph during the last tournament, and also gave her mine—my very first one, mind you!

Say you could become a pop star like Athena. What kind of music would you want to make?

Something that helps the listener realize they can shine in their own way. They might be all doom and gloom right now, but hey! That’s A-OK!

Any thoughts on Team Krohnen?

Oh, Ángel and that Krohnen guy are all sorts of yikes. Not really the kind of peeps Kula should be around, you know?

Are you friends with Kula?

I do idolize her, I suppose...and not in the same way as Athena. She’s just so cute and perfect; she’s got everything. But so do I, so yeah! It’s all good!

Imagine teaming with any of the fighters in this tournament. Who makes the cut?

Oh, definitely Athena. Positively and most definitely! Apart from her, hmm... Yeah, that new friend I made the other day? She’s amazing.

How about rivals? Who would you like to square off against?

...KOOKY! [Death stare]

Imagine a battle between one gigantic Sylvie and a hundred tiny ones. Who wins?

Wow, talk about crazy epic fantasy... I guess the Little Sylvie Legion would make for a cuter, happier time!

What sort of ice cream do you like?

Multicolored triple scoops! Real ones, toy ones, anything. I scream for it all.

Who do you want on the cover of THE KING OF FIGHTERS for GIRLS Monthly?

“Want,” in the sense that it’d never happen otherwise? ...Kyo and Iori at the same time, I suppose! A mega shoot like that would mean a mega shelf price, huh?

It says your hobby is collecting the fingerprints of good-looking men. Are you still getting your fill, now that the tournament is underway?

It’s all in the timing, if you know what I mean. Nothing like the prints from a knockout (and knocked out) prince!

Any messages for your fans out there wanting to cosplay as you?

Do it, do it! By all means! No need to worry so much about how good the outfit is, either; focus more on your actual desire to become Sylvie instead.

Do you eat your favorite foods at the beginning of the meal or the end?

Both! Small bite at the start for a sample of sweet joy, the rest at the end for that final punch of pure bliss. Such is the way of the foodie!

Do you have any specific tips for preventing electrical discharge?

Living an appliance-free life, for starters. Not that I’m one to talk, though; no gadgets, no life!

Why do you have a megaphone?

To make sure you hear me loud and clear. So...am I loud and clear? Over!

We received a ton of questions for you this time around. Is there anything you want to say to your fans, who’ve been waiting for you so long?

The Sylvie Show’s just getting started. I’ll do my best to ensure you see me shine even more, so strap in for super energetic, super electromagnetic excitement! In 3, 2...1!





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