My name is Najd,
and I am here to judge you.


Vigilante Vixen


 CV : Ayaka Fukuhara


Najd is a very quiet person dressed with an Abava (traditiona Saudi garment) with extraordinary powers. At night. she outs or her Abava and turns into a vigilante to protect her fellow citizen in contrast to her mysterious appearance, she is a collcgs studen during the dav.

Fighting style /
Birthdate /
September 24th
Birthplace /
Saudi Arabia
Blood type /
Favorite food /
  • 初心者おすすめ度
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Congrats on joining the tournament!

Thank you kindly. This is my first ever interview, so I must say I’m quite nervous.

You’re here by special invitation this time around. Are there any things you hope to achieve by going solo?

Hmm... Well, since it’s a tournament, I suppose aiming for first place would be one. The same goes for the other entrants, right?

Speaking of entrants, are you acquainted with any?

Not at all, actually. A few here and there that I myself know of, if that counts. I imagine competing with actual companions would be quite enjoyable, though, so would definitely like to try one day—given the chance.

Imagine teaming with any of the fighters in this tournament, then. Who makes the cut?

I’d prefer it to be someone noble-minded, with their own beliefs and values. Then again, something tells me there’s a lot of people like that, so it’s tough to name names! But since we’re around the same age... Chizuru Kagura, for starters. Elisabeth Blanctorche would be good too.

Is there anyone out there you’d call a rival?

Kim Kaphwan. He’s a good man, of course, but I do believe I need to enlighten him about what justice is—and what it should be.

In your eyes, what does placing an importance on “adequate etiquette” involve?

Not harboring thoughts or emotions that put others down. It’s honestly something I need to work on, though... I’ve still got a long way to go.

Do you know Dolores and Kukri?

Only that they might be familiar with what I’m pursuing. Not to say they themselves know anything directly, though.

Your profile says that you cherish your cosmetics. What do you like the most in that regard?

As in favorites? Hmm, I’ve got plenty of those... I will say I’m quite particular about lipstick, though. Been buying a lot of matte recently. But if I had to narrow it down, I suppose it’d be the... Oh, I’m guessing you mean one favorite, yes? In that case, I... Actually, you know what, can we come back to this one?

Next question, then. Is there anywhere you’d like to visit during the tournament?

I’m quite looking forward to stopping by all the different countries while it’s underway. The matches are important, yes, but I also want to experience each country’s culture. Oh, and theme parks too...

How did you learn umbrakinesis—your ability to manipulate shadows?

With this abaya I have on. It’s what granted me these powers in the first place. I guess you could call it the fruit of my labor; it needs very special training and a certain level of performance just to be able to keep on.

Is it hard to keep that power under control?

Possibly—for someone with little experience or who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Luckily that’s not the kind of person who normally wears this sort of thing, so no need to worry!

Your shadow seems to have a life of its own. Do you have a name for it?

I call it Aila. It’s like my very own spirit guardian.

I hear you’re in college. What do you normally talk about with your friends there?

Oh, just the latest makeup trends and things like that. We go window-shopping as well, I guess. Hmm... Doesn’t sound all that interesting, does it... Maybe I should touch on something a little more meaningful with them next time... Emotional attachments and human relationships and the like?

Which KOF competitors would you like to be friends with? Does anyone come to mind?

Well, I do hope I at least get a chance to chat with Luong. I’ve been wanting to carry myself more like an adult lately—be more mature—and she definitely checks both boxes, you know? Just looking at her reminds me of how much I can still grow...

What are you majoring in at college?

Archeology. I’m quite interested in folklore, ancient writings... Those sorts of things.

You must be snowed under with everything you’ve got going on. Do you have enough credits to graduate?

Oh, of course. There’s no way I’d let my responsibilities as a student fall by the wayside just because of this packed schedule!

What sort of plans do you have for yourself after graduation?

I know what I have to do—it’s already set in stone—and I’m incredibly proud of it. Still, if I could choose anything, I’d want to take a deeper dive into old folklore from around the globe.

How do you spend your free time?

If it’s just me? Drop by some bookstores, watch videos about beauty and style... Not really sure what the correct way to go about beauty is, so I end up checking out a bunch of different channels.

Apparently you read manga. What are you normally into?

Anything with ninja. Or stories about superheroes and their superpowers. I also read novels, but the visual element to manga makes it easy to get what’s happening even when you’re from a different culture.

Do you have a favorite animal, or any pets?

A little too busy to have pets, unfortunately. I do love animals, though. No favorites, really; I just like watching creatures roam free in their natural habitat. Video sharing sites help a lot in that respect. Feels wonderful to be able to see all kinds of fauna from around the world.

Which do you prefer: sweet or spicy?

Out of those two? I might have to go with sweet. I’m a big fan of dried fruits.

Are you good at cooking?

I can whip something up if I have the recipe in front of me, sure. But planning out a meal using stuff lying around in the fridge? Not so much. Hats off to people who can manage, though.

One of your more fervent fans has requested that you “step” on them.

Oh? ...I suppose that’s one kind of reaction you get when the whole world’s watching. Well, let’s just say this: I do what I can to stamp out injustice whenever it appears. (That’s not an invitation, by the way!)

We received a ton of questions for you this time around. Is there anything you want to say to your fans, who’ve been waiting for you so long?

Thank you so much for all the interest! There’s not a whole lot I can really say about myself, but I feel like I answered to the best of my ability. Hopefully there’ll be more people cheering me on out there because of it. Hopefully!





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