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Taekwondo of Justice


 CV : Kunihiro Kawamoto


Kim is a very serious person with a strong and inherent sense of justice. As an expert in Taekwondo, he can stop any opponent attempt with his unpunishable kicking techniques. His excessive diligence is a thorn in the side of Luong and the man she loves: Kim’s free-spirited master, Gang-Il.

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December 21st
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Korean barbecue, kimchi
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Congrats on joining the tournament!

Thank you. This is the new me; I’m hoping to give it my all.

It seems you’ve had a change of wardrobe this time around.

That’s right. It’s something my master sent me. He said it’d help me make a fresh start.

Why did you decide to go solo for this tournament?

I just wanted to get away from my—uh, I mean, find a way for my master’s wonderful teachings, and my new skills, to be put to the test!

Let’s talk about your friendly rival Jhun Hoon. Did he say anything about you entering?

He was incredibly supportive. Cried tears of joy and said he was glad I’d survived my training in the mountains.

What exactly were you up to this whole time, since the end of the last tournament?

Experiencing hell on—uh, I mean, having a hell of a good time training with my master in the mountains. Yes sir, what an experience.

Any key takeaways from that training?

I did a lot of introspection, perhaps to a fault. Now I’m ready to try out a host of new things—and new moves as well.

Did those new moves turn out well? How did they even come about?

Depends on how they hold up in a real fight. We’ll see. As for how they came about... Trying to land a blow or two on my master (as he rolls boulders down toward me) certainly played a part...

What are your thoughts about your master, by the way? Aside from all the training?

He’s someone you can respect, that’s for sure. We don’t always see eye to eye, though...

Speaking of relationships, how have Choi and Chang been since the last tournament?

They’re back in the dojo now—of their own accord too. I need to get back to training them once this tournament’s all over.

Does that mean starting the Rehabilitation Project again from scratch?

It does, yes. I’m of the opinion that every heart drawn to darkness needs to be rekindled. I should’ve been setting a good example for them, but now I see that I had my own shortcomings too. Being with my master again taught me that.

You previously teamed with Raiden and Hwa Jai. What became of them after that tournament?

Both of them completed their rehabilitation without issue. Raiden went maskless and now stands for justice whenever he steps into the squared circle. As for Hwa, I hear he became Joe’s second as a first step towards returning to competitive form.

That brings me to our next question. What exactly is “justice” to you?

Justice? It’s having strong conviction and a resilient heart that never succumbs to evil. That’s what led me to taekwondo, for example. I wanted to be stronger both mentally and physically.

I see. And what’s “evil,” then?

Nothing but a source of entrapment that leads you down the wrong path in life. It’s easier to fall into when you’re in a bad place inside. That’s why, in my view, we need to learn to be strong of heart—to prevent that from happening.

It must be a long and arduous journey, promoting justice to the masses. What keeps you motivated in your pursuit of that ideal?

The realization that this is my true calling in life. It’s what makes me who I am. If you’re ever lacking motivation, the first step is self-affirmation. Try starting from there.

Imagine teaming with any of the fighters in this tournament. Who makes the cut?

That’s a tough one. Everybody already has such a great team of their own; there’s really not much room for me anywhere. Shingo got a special invite like me, so he’d be a fun choice—plus he’s just an all-around good kid. Anyone else as true to themselves as he is would be my other pick.

How about rivals? Who would you like to square off against?

Terry and his teammates for one. In the sense that I’d love to show them what I picked up during my training. In terms of a fight that needs to happen? Geese’s team.

If you were to pick a disciple, who would it be?

Ah. Geese Howard.

Who’s been your best teammate so far?

Well, I do have fond memories of fighting alongside my disciples. Chang, Choi, May Lee... Terry and Duck King were also a breath of fresh air, though. No rehabilitation to think about that time around. Plus we had fun celebrating after, if memory serves me right.

Any views on the King of Dinosaurs?

Hmm... I’m sure he feels he’s doing the right thing. But I much prefer him on the side of justice. I’d want to train with him that way.

How do you spend days off with your family?

Usually karaoke with my wife, or eating out with her and the kids. Recently it’s been training 24/7; I definitely would like to devote more time to them all once the tournament’s over.

Has the thought of teaming with your children ever crossed your mind?

Oh, yes. It might be just about time for them to make an appearance, in fact.

Do you still keep in touch with Hon-Fu?

I do. He’s a very dear friend of mine. It’s a shame we haven’t truly had the chance to meet recently. I suppose he’s just busy...

What, if anything, do people tell you about your ancestors?

Not a lot in great detail, though I do hear that they too were unforgiving of evil in all its forms. Apparently some were a little confrontational in general as well.

We received a ton of questions for you this time around. Is there anything you want to say to your fans, who’ve been waiting for you so long?

I’m delighted to hear so many of you took the time to write in and ask about me. As always I’ll stay true to what I believe in, and fight in a way I can be proud of. Watch out, because here I come!





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